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Author's instructions

Authors are asked to submit manuscripts to one of the following sections Scientific Big Data (SBD). Authors will be asked to upload the paper in electronic format.


Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format to to be considered for publication Double spacing should be used throughout the manuscript, including the following sections, each of which should begin on a separate sheet: Title page, Abstract, Text, Acknowledgements, References, Figures, Legends, Tables, and Captions. Abbreviations should be those accepted internationally, and defined where they first appear in the text. System International (SI) units should be used where appropriate.


Manuscripts should be 3,500 words (Times New Roman; font, 12 double space). Figures/Tables: min, 5; max, 7. References: minimum of 50 and maximum of 75. Number of authors: up to 3. All manuscripts, on demand, will be peer-reviewed. If required by the author will are able to plain revision and/or style revision. Letters to the Editor should not exceed 1000 words with no more than one figure or table. These letters are subject to review by the Editors, and may be rejected without written explanation.


The title page should carry the full title of the paper and a "running head" of no more than 40 characters including spaces. The title page should also include the first name, middle initial and last name of each author (no more than three are accepted). If the work is attributed to a department or institution, its full name and location should be included. Authors listed should be those who substantially contributed to the study's conception, design, and performance. Sources of support for the work in the form of grants, equipment, or drugs should be included on the title page. Disclaimers, if any, should appear on the title page, as should the name and address of the author responsible for correspondence concerning the manuscript.


The abstract should not exceed 150 words. It should state the primary objective of the review, the principal reasoning for the procedures adopted, the procedures used, the main results of the referred studies, and the conclusions that can be drawn from the data available. Numerical data may be included, but should be kept to a minimum.


The abstract should be followed by a list of 3-5 keywords or short phrases, which will assist in the cross-indexing of the article.


Full papers should be divided into sections at the convenience of the author, but should include an Introduction and a Conclusion.


References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they first appear in the text. They should be assigned Arabic numerals, which should be given in brackets, e.g. [17]. References should include the names of the first three authors (adding ", et al.") or all if there are not more than six names. References should also include full title and source information. There should be not more than 75 references. Personal communications and unpublished work should not be included in the reference list, but should appear in parentheses in the text. Submitted but not yet accepted work should not be cited. Work accepted for publication but not yet released should be included in the reference list with the words "in press" in parentheses beside the name of the journal. The author(s) against the original documents must verify references.


References to figures and tables should be made in order of appearance in the text and should be in Arabic numerals in parentheses, e.g. (Fig. 2). Figures should be professionally drawn and photographed; freehand or typewritten lettering is unacceptable. Photomicrographs must have internal scale markers. If photographs of people are used, their identities must be obscured or the picture must be accompanied by written permission of the subject to use the photograph.


Captions should be typed in double spacing, beginning on a separate page. Each one should have an Arabic numeral corresponding to the illustration or table to which it refers. Internal scale should be explained and staining methods for photomicrographs should be identified.


Each table should be typed on a separate sheet in double spacing. Tables should not be submitted as photographs. Each table should be assigned an Arabic numeral e.g. (Table 3) and a brief title.


A description of sources of funding, financial disclosure, and the role of sponsors must be included in the Acknowledgements section of the manuscript. This description should include the involvement, if any, in review and approval of the manuscript for publication and the role of sponsors. In addition, authors must disclose in a Conflicts of Interest section if they have personal financial interests related to the subject matters discussed in the manuscript. Public trust in the scientific process and the credibility of published articles depend in part on how transparently conflicts of interest are handled during the planning, implementation, writing, peer review, editing, and publication of scientific work.